100 Reasons

Our Vision Is To Become The Best Institute Management Solution Provider in the world!

We're working to solve day to day communication and operational issues through very much organised and effective solutions by providing many of the important features on School Management app which brings a lot of convenience and efficiency.

Ensure Security

We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your data is secure. We take security very seriously.

Expert Team

Robust softwares could not be made without Expert team. We have experienced analysts, domain experts, trained devs & customer oriented Support team.

Dedicated Support

We have customer oriented Support team having dedicated support managers and dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) for better support experience.


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101 Reasons - Why MyClassCampus ERP Software?

  • 1. Ease of Use: Our System requires no technical knowledge. It is designed in a way that schools people naturally work, which means less time training.

  • 2. Cost Effective: It is a cost-effective solution with affordable software cost which are totally subscription based

  • 3. All-in-One Solution: Automate your school operations. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging.

  • 4. Cloud Based: You do not have to install anything on your computer. Myclasscampus is an Online cloud based School Management System.

  • 5. Multi institute Solution: You can manage multiple institute with one login id

  • 6. Affordable: Advance system with very much affordable pricing which doesn’t harm your budget of institute management and add a lot of value in operations.

  • 7. Custom URL: Set your own custom URL for the MyClassCampus login page, i.e. yourschool.ERP.com

  • 8. Modern System: Next-Generation. Simple. Customizable.

  • 9. User-Friendly: MyClassCampus is a SaaS-based school management software with a very simple and intuitive interface. Anybody can learn to operate quickly.

  • 10. Data security: We believe in transparent policy, we charge for our services and give utmost importance to data security. We have SSL certification and many other security measures in place to give you most reliable experience.

  • 11. Online Fees: Allows parents to pay the fees online, which means parents can pay the fees on the go, even from their mobiles.

  • 12. Customizable : MyClassCampus cloud-based software for schools is easily customizable i.e., you can add/remove modules, access rights etc.

  • 13. BEST Support : MyClassCampus has dedicated person “Key Account Manager” to solve your queries and help you throughout the implementation process and post implementation as well.

  • 14. CRM Team : Customer relationship manager will be there to listen your ideas and feedback to help us improve more to give even better experience always

  • 15. 3 Step support system: We provide 3 step support : 1.key account manager, 2.Customer relationship manager, 3.sales executive

  • 16. Easy password management: Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime by OTP verification.

  • 17. Data management: Excel Data import tools available for easy migration/import from your existing software

  • 18. Accessibility : Streamline your school functions in a single go, anytime anywhere. The cloud-based software for school developed by MyClassCampus is easily accessible by everyone 24×7 from anywhere through own devices like Mobiles, Tablets, iPads.

  • 19. SaaS-Base System : MyClassCampus is a SaaS-enabled school management software.

  • 20. Reduce paper waste : MyClassCampus works in harmony with the world in ensuring paperless management in schools through its All modules.

  • 21. Affordable Payment Gateway Integration : MyClassCampus has collaborated online payment aggregators to pay fee online through mobile application

  • 22. Mobile Application : MyClassCampus developed mobile applications for both Android and iOS versions. It has complete mobile application functionality enabling you to access all features from an application on your phone.

  • 23. Separate Role wise Dashboards : MyClassCampus mobile app also allows multiple login IDs with customized dashboards for parents,teachers and students giving easy access to every information they need.

  • 24. Language support: We offers option to change language which makes it easy to translate Myclascampus to any language you want.

  • 25. Automated HR Management : Staff payroll can be automatically generated by integrating the biometrics to HR & Payroll of the school.

  • 26. Inventory Management : Manage your school’s inventory at your fingertips with MyClassCampus.

  • 27. Unique ID for all: MyClassCampus system generate unique id for all users with their QR code which can be used at multiple places for ease of operations.

  • 28. EdTech Award: Awarded with “Best Education ERP of the Year 2018” by one of the most reputed EdTech Media company.

  • 29. GPS Tracking of the school bus : Using the GPS tracking software, parents and management can assess the location of the bus and the activity hours. Parents can use the BUS tracking module to monitor the bus in which the child is traveling

  • 30. Improve 30% overall working efficiency : Using MyClassCampus software user can generate 1000+ reports and improve overall efficiency that will lead to 30% reduction in workload and saves your time.

  • 31. Optimum Utilization : The software manages everything including maintenance, data, security, updates,communication etc. which helps in optimum utilization of resources.

  • 32. No Infrastructure: No infrastructure is needed as installing and maintaining software is not required here. It can be simply accessed via the internet.

  • 33. Work From Anywhere : MyClassCampus school management software can be accessed from anywhere in the world,provided there is an internet connection. Users can access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere.

  • 34. Flexible : MyClassCampus being a cloud-based ERP, is flexible and scalable to use. It can be adapted to fit constantly changing business requirements. It also gives you the flexibility to add more users.

  • 35. Security : Cloud computing gives you greater security because your data is stored in the cloud. In the case of system failure or disaster, you can still access the data as it is stored in web servers with high-level encryption.

  • 36. Data back-ups : Even under worst conditions of a system crash, you no longer worry about losing the data as we backup our server several times a day and provide an instance to offline storage.

  • 37. Smaller Investment : MyClassCampus school management software is available in different packages based on customer needs. It starts with basic to premium package with very affordable pricing, so the investment remains very reasonable for such an advance system.

  • 38. Exam management: Allows you to manage exams, create exam timetables and reports, as well as publish reports.with student performance as well

  • 39. No dependency on IT resources : It does not require a dedicated IT team to work with. Hence, no dependency on IT resources is needed and it can be managed by any non-technical staff.

  • 40. Fast Implementation : Implementation of MyClassCampus software solution is not a long process, just takes 2 days. No need to setup or install any other software.

  • 41. Management Dashboard: MyClassCampus provide Management Dashboard", to summarize the important information needed to make important decisions for an organization.

  • 42. HELP Center: MyClassCampus provide you help center content for self learning and resources to know detailed information, how to use and FAQs module wise.

  • 43. Fee Receipts: Generate well designed and clear fee receipts that you can print to the parents in A4, paper sizes

  • 44. Data Tracking is Easy : A school ERP software maintains and manages all the data of the institution effectively. It organizes all the information systematically so that you can easily track the data and you would not waste time in taking it.

  • 45. Reduces Load on Administration : Our software automates all the functions and operations of various departments of the school in a single thread thereby reducing the load on the administration.

  • 46. Improves Quality of Teaching : Teachers who earlier spent hours of time in processing the school operations can now focus more on academics and improving the performance levels of students.

  • 47. Free Demo: Try for free before you purchase it. Find out how MyClassCampus will fit into your organization in the trial period and understand all it’s features.

  • 48. Online Exams: Test your student’s learning using MyClassCampus Online Exams. Schedule and conduct objective exams. And generate test paper and print it.

  • 49. Discussions Module: Every school needs a forum for students and teachers to interact, MyClassCampus comes with a discussion module just for that.

  • 50. Maintain Records : Our school management software maintains the records of each student, it keeps a track of all the activities of every single student starting from admissions to transfer certificates.

  • 51. Manage Student Attendance : Manages the student attendance by maintaining Subject-wise or class-wise attendance as per the need of the school.

  • 52. Planned roadmap: MyClassCampus already has over 40+ modules and many more are in the pipeline. They are suitable for all institutions globally.

  • 53. Schedule Timetable : Maintain and update the timetable for students and teachers, set up the daily classroom schedules, teacher schedules, easily and effortlessly and available on mobile app as well

  • 54. Barcode Integration: Manage your institution amenities like Library, user profile, Campus Gate, etc with fully centralized Barcode system

  • 55. Student profile: With single click student profile feature will get you all information about student past and present performance with fees information

  • 56. SMS Integration : SMS integration helps in sending messages to all parents alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events etc.

  • 57. Website Builder : Create your own smart and dynamic website and update content and photo whenever you want

  • 58. Parent Mobile App : The mobile app for parents allow up-to-date view of the children’s school life and keeps them in the loop.

  • 59. Teacher Mobile App : An access to teachers in the mobile app enhances communication between teachers and parents in a modern and user-friendly way.

  • 60. Result Cards Customization : More than 35+ formats of result cards as per CBSE standards and GSEB result card from software.

  • 61. 100+ Certificate & I-card generation: Generate Certificate & I-card with your own customized design or choose from 50+ template provided in system

  • 62. Hardware Integration : Biometric integration system automatically calculates the attendance of students and eases the pressure to calculate the payroll for the employees or teachers.

  • 63. Multiple fee accounts : Multiple auditable accounts can be maintained for each organization using our fiance management Module enabling you to oversee all the accounts effectively and ensure transparency to financial auditors.

  • 64. Analyze Student Performance : MyClassCampus enables you to evaluate the performance of either a single student or group of students with ease.

  • 65. Track bus from parent mobile app : Empower parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child is traveling.

  • 66. Send automated alerts to parents on mobile Application : Inform parents about emergency notices, their child’s performance, exam schedules, pending fees, etc., via app-based push notifications.

  • 67. Leave Request Management : Manage leaves, automate leave requests, track employee/student leaves and automatically generate salaries.

  • 68. Library Management : Keep track of the books and their availability in your library with the help of RFID-enabled Library module.

  • 69. Constant Updates : The R&D team is always on the lookout for updating features that will help schools/college. MyClasscampus is frequently being updated with latest modules.

  • 70. Digital Homework : The teacher can enter the class Homework with attachments directly using the school mobile app for teachers which is also made available in the parent mobile app to access the same information.

  • 71. Easy Migration of data : MyClassCampus provide Data migration which help institute to transfer data from last year to current/ active year

  • 72. Customize Fee Receipts : Customize, design and create fee receipts to print or share digitally with parents.

  • 73. Analyze Student Performance : MyClassCampus enables you to evaluate the performance of a student. It helps teachers and management to guide student and parents individually for improvements.

  • 74. Let MyClassCampus help you earn more : MyClassCampus is always on the lookout for young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs want to become reseller partner

  • 75. Admissions Management : An all-in-one student enrollment solution. Automate your school’s admission process.

  • 76. Transport Management : Manage bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, GPS tracking and vehicle details up to date.

  • 77. HR & Payroll : Maintain information on the human resource like staff recruitment, payroll management, staff leaves management, salary generation, etc.

  • 78. Academics Management : Manage all your student examinations, grades, report cards, behaviour record, extra curricular activities record, achievements record & customize student report cards using MyClassboard

  • 79. School Messenger : School Communication Software offers powerful communication platform for schools to strengthen school communication and improve parent engagement.

  • 80. Multiple Accounting : Institutes can maintain multiple bank accounts, the fee module facilitates ease of auditing and tracking of income and expenditure across all bank accounts with detailed ledgers

  • 81. Chatting & Group Conversation : Based on school’s preference, teachers can interact with parents and vice versa or form groups and discuss matters of importance.

  • 82. 1500+ registered institutes : MyClassCampus is currently Providing its services in 1500 schools across 120 cities throughout India and also in UAE, USA, Sweden, Pakistan, Morocco, Tanzania and many other countries.

  • 83. Empowers Teachers: MyClassCampus helps schools to empower teachers and other staff members by providing them full analytics and data about student performance.

  • 84. Smart Staff Attendance : The new age concepts like biometric devices, swipe cards etc., can be integrated with MyClassCampus for smarter attendance management.

  • 85. Connecting 2 lakh+ Teachers, Students and Parents : MyClassCampus now used by 2 lakh+ students and teachers across India.

  • 86. On-Site Support & Training : In the case of personnel requirement, a senior technical assistance can be sent to your location to help ease you into the usage of the software and to provide any training or clarifications.

  • 87. Suitable for all : MyClassCampus is suitable to any kind of educational institutions - schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.

  • 88. Rights Management: Rights management provides better control to the administrator to assign role-specific access to users.

  • 89. Mode Of Payment : The system offers different modes of payment to parents like payment through cash, cheque, debit card, credit card and net banking.

  • 90. Leave Management : Manage leaves, leave requests of student, track employee leaves and automatically generate salaries.

  • 91. Track Bus Routes : Track the bus routes and supervise in which route the bus ferrying students is moving. You can also track when a bus has gone off route.

  • 92. Speed Alerts : Keep yourself updated with the speed alerts of every bus in your fleet. If the bus driver exceeds the maximum speed limit, an alert is immediately sent to the transport incharge.

  • 93. Digital-Learning : MyClassCampus enables the students to access the content resources, assignments, etc.through the app, which becomes resource tool to learn digitally at home.

  • 94. A phone call away: Our assistance team is only a phone call away on +91-7016834515. Feel free to contact us any time of day.

  • 95. Get Time-Table on App: Now parents and faculty can see the time table day wise on their mobile application

  • 96. System Logs: Show different logs for Web and App login and logs showing the Institute, Date accessed, Module, Sub Module, Type and Description.

  • 97. Complain Management: Complaint Management Software provides an efficient means for recording and tracking all of your user complaints to ensure that you stay organized.

  • 98. Exclusive Video Tutorials: We have easy to learn video tutorials to teach you how to use MyClassCampus efficiently and solve your queries with help of help center

  • 99. Upload Event Photos : The Admin can upload the event photo directly using the mobile app which is made available in the parent app.

  • 100. New features every month: New features and functionality will be add in existing modules frequently to enhance MyclassCampus experience

  • 101. Passionate team to build world's one of the best sought after School Management Software or Education ERP company
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