"In the start we had problems since we were also new and the software was also new but now we have learnt so much and are using it easily and efficiently. One more thing I want to tell is that through your software we are now able to communicate very well, and I must say because of your software we are also very happy and the parents are also very happy. A big thanks to MyClassCampus for this. We are happy to have bought your school management software"

About Institute :

Atmiya green is based at "Maniba Campus", Bharuch city in Gujarat, which is working with a mission to turn every student studying in this institute academically excellent.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

When asked about the problems they faced before implementing our school management software she said:

  • I am handling it all by myself but everybody is using it module wise and department wise. Before MyClassCampus we weren’t using any other similar software for the management.
  • Fees were collected offline and it was a very lengthy process, many things were there that needed to be taken care of, in the offline fee collection method.
  • Results were made manually which was way time taking and slow.
  • Communicating with parents about anything was a task earlier.


After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • She said "Once we started using MyClassCampus, Initially we were facing few problems since we were totally new to the software and all the settings about our flow and data, has to be made and we didn’t have any idea how to do it but it didn't take much time to learn using it as it is very easy-to-use and easy to learn software, plus the support team was always there with us to guide whenever in need and for setting us our data."
  • Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is that communication has now become very very easy with the parents, which is so convenient. 
  • Fees module we have been using very much which is THE BEST.
  • Also the Attendance, Homework, Send SMS, Notes, Result modules are the other feature of this school management software which we are using quite a lot.