“The thing is, it is very good and useful for our campus, we have used different software also, I cannot take the names and all but none of them were like MyClassCampus, the thing is everything will not be there in one software and again it is the best communication between the teacher and the parent. It is the most communicated platform I have seen or used.”

About Institute :

BHEERAM SREEDHAR REDDY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, opens the wide vistas of knowledge and self-learning to young minds, helping build a better generation, a better future, situated at Bheeram Sreedhar Reddy Nagar, NH-40, in the KADAPA District.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • The problem mainly faced was that earlier attendance taking was such a long process. Plus, getting its report was one such big task and that too with risk. 
  • The transportation tracking was also not there, due to which parents used to get tensed in case the bus gets late at times due to some reasons. 
  • There were many little but important things which we faced before using MyClassCampus, which took so much time and now have got solved and now it is done in too little time.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • Mr. Sagar started with- “Yes I’m the admin of the school and I am handling the software. But whatever department is there, they are using depending upon the structure i.e department the product is used.”
  • Adding- “The processes are all now becoming fast, it is good for us, if any school has to implement it, it is a good software to go for. For example, if I would have to give ratings I would give 4 out of 5.”
  • From the previous software, the thing which I liked the most is the Material upload option, transportation, certification generation, attendance. It is all in one software only. The nicer thing is that their customization is nice. I would recommend it to other schools as well, for its better management. 
  • He then said- “The best module according to me is the Online Test system, Student Attendance.”
  • Sometimes what happens is maybe they are also busy with other clients for that reason they may not respond to us immediately at times but most of the time they respond very quickly. Divya (One of the support executives of MyClassCampus) there, is  very supportive, very good, responds very nicely, she is a very good friend of mine actually if I would have to rate her, will rate 6 out of 5 to her :D