Before this, we were using another product but only the app, but this software is quite better than the previous product and after using MyClassCampus, we got to know that this is one of the best products which I found in the market and it is also quite user-friendly and very helpful and fast application. The work done through it is also quite good and I think it is quite convenient than the previous application that we used for the management in terms of work efficiency.

About Institute :

Harivandana College

It is a college of Advanced Computer and Information Technology, Management, and Education, which is located at Rajkot.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • Before using MyClassCampus, we were facing a lot of difficulties as we were not getting the proper data of students.
  • It took a lot of manpower for the same and time as well, where now we can get the data as and when required by just clicking once and that too without more manpower, digitally and fast without any hassle or stress. 
  • Before using this school management software, we were using some different product which was desktop-based, this is a web-based software that is cloud-based which is making it fast and safe at the same time.
  • As the previous software was just the mobile application, we could not use all these facilities that this school management software is providing.
  • MyClassCampus has solved a lot of the problems that we faced before and made our work quite simple and easy. 

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • We are handling a lot of data through the product still the software is not getting slow, it is really a point that should be said.
  • We are also using the attendance module and taking the whole attendance through the software. We're finding it quite convenient and fast in terms of getting data.
  • The result module that we are using is also helping us to make the results in a good manner and in the proper format and quickly.
  • Now we are planning to go for the inquiries module, we have already taken the demo, and found this very good so will start using that soon, hope this module is also helpful as other modules.
  •  This software is very much deep and the user experience is amazing.