"A stunning software. I suggest it to all the educational institutes. It requires minimal manpower and saves ample of time. We love it how it creates a triangle effect to connect students, parents and faculty successfully.”

About Institute :

Krishna Kanta Handiqui junior College comes into being at the heart of Pathsala under Barpeta District to commemorate the values and journeys explored by this scholar of worldwide fame, in the year 2006 as a result of the untiring zeal and sincere effort of a group of educated and enthusiastic youth. The institution sincerely aims at imparting quality education to the students of both Arts and Science streams and also at creating them as proper human resource which has of utmost necessity in the present context to heal ihn niling been and the world as well.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Manoj Sir shared that,

  • “Initially we used to do all the work manually. It took a lot of time and would demand more man power.”
  • “The most hectic process was calculating total per day’s collection by the end of day, for fees collection.”
  • “Retrieving faculties’ or student’s profile was inconvenient due to all information being in books and forms.”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • “MyClassCampus has an amazing Finance module. We rely of this module for all financial reports.”
  • “Taking attendance got much easier. We don’t have to maintain the register anymore. Also we get the attendance report whenever require.”
  • “We don’t have to worry about making last minute or emergency announcements. We can send it to our preferred audience in fraction of seconds.”
  • “We love it when parents appreciate us for adapting this ERP system. They get to keep check on the activity of their child in school, from mobile app. Not just parents, but also trustees, directors, principal and faculties also love MyClassCampus.”
  • “ User profiles are handy and easily available. We don’t need to save cell numbers of each student in devices, as we can get it directly from user directory of mobile app.”