About Institute :

Rainbow Pre-School , Rajkot is well developed pre-school in just 2 years.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

As per words of Hitesh sir, “Before using MyClassCampus, we were facing so many problems like how many have paid their fees we need to check every time the register and calculate the remaining amount standard wise, student wise, And many times after giving homework parents rarely use to see the homework and have record of it. Informing Parents about daily activities done in school or any general message that could be sent to whole school was not possible. Having record of students exam and attendance was quite difficult to maintain all things in papers.”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

I am happy to say that after using MyClassCampus, the things I was expecting went much more easy going then my expectation.

  • The First problems and most time consuming activity was solved by Fees management , that every report of each and every student , batch wise report and in even that I was able to take fees by just using my phone just by one click no need to even open laptop or see any register. And if my admin would take fee direct it would notify me. So no need to ask or depend on them also and parent in their phones could find the remaining amount and also the receipt of paid fees.
  • Another I found very interesting module that was sending sms/notes that even after school time if I want to convey any message to parent I was able to send just by one click. Even my faculties or admin convey any message in fraction of second I would get notify and one amazing thing was that after sending sms parents use to get notification instead of text sms and I would be also able to see how many parent have got the message. And new Update Announcement made work more easy just adding audio message and it will convey to all parents.
  • Maintaining the marks of weekly exams and directly displaying marks into parents account was possible by MYCC And Individual teachers can fill their own marks from just phone so it made their work easy that no need to make rank list or percentage of students just fill marks and whole result is prepaid. By Exam planner and Schedule.
  • In homework module teachers was able to give subject wise homework and also can send any attachment like photos or videos and and best thing was that parent could also able to see today’s homework subject wise with attachment and also date wise homework of their own students, so if student whether has gone to school or not parent will able to get homework.

Last words to say, MyClassCampus system made my 80% work easy and totally paperless. I really feel relax after allotting work to faculties and admins and can get report of full school activitie, different report like attendance, homework and fees in my Phone.