“We have information more easily available now. We have visibility into all parts of operations now which we didn’t have before. How many students came, How many school fees collected, How many students paid everything we can get to know easily on one platform. The overall experience is very good. It has met our expectations very well. Your team has been very supportive. Every person i have dealt with from your team has been really good to me in every way. On a scale of 1-10, i would give it a 9 because for you to get a system it's a very very nice system.I would certainly refer MyClassCampus to my friends at any time.”

About Institute :

Ruaiveld School is based at Nairobi Kenya. 

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • I searched online through google and i just searched and selected the best product i thought it was from google.
  • I have not used any such erp before for my school. I'm using MyClassCampus for the first time.
  • We bought this school management software, because everything was manual so if we wanted to find out the number of students, fee balance, attendance and all those things were manual. So basically moving from manual to everything online, We bought MyClassCampus.
  • Now we can communicate with parents directly. If I needed to find out before we had the system, somebody had to go out and collect all the records manually and come back to me and bring the receipt to me but right now, all that information we’re getting in no time with just a click.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • The work efficiency is very very good.
  • Mainly the expenses,fees,financial features, those are the ones we are using the most.
  • We are also using the communication features very well - SMS, Bulk SMS. 
  • Each and every thing is now easily available and accesible with just a single click.
  • Customer support is very much nice, i must say. I Liked it very much, very helpful.