“MyClassCampus is the best communicator between the teacher and the parent. It is the most communicated platform I have seen or used.”

About Institute :

Sampurna Training and Entrepreneurship Programme, is a training institute on West Bengal using MyClassCampus for its intitute management.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • Before using MyClassCampus, we were facing a lot of difficulties as we were not getting the proper data of students. 
  • It took a lot of resources for the same and time as well, where now we can get the data as and when required by just clicking once and that too without more man power, digitally and fast without any hassle or stress. 
  • Lot of time was consumed to do little tasks which didn’t even worth much time to be given.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • Management becomes a single window solution for any work related to the institute after using MyClassCampus. Where every problem has now a one click solution.
  • Initially, I find it very hard since at some point I really don't know how to deal with modules. But by using it in regular mode, I find it a very convenient and very useful application that helps me a lot in my management. 
  • Parents are really happy since they get to see their child’s attendance by sitting at home. They would instantly know if their child has not come to the class any day.
  • MyClassCampus has solved a lot of our problems that we faced before and made our work quite simple and easy.