Experience is very wonderful and I found, it is one of the best ERP software that is available in the market. It is worth buying for each and every educational institute.

About Institute :

Sidhnath Public School is an English Medium Co-educational School, Founded in 2015, offering education from Kindergarten to Grade VIII. It is based at Chanod village in Vapi, Gujrat. 

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • The overall experience is really good and it's going very much easier for me to get all the information about the institute in one ERP software. Before that we were using one desktop-based software, now we are not in touch with that software.
  • The problem which we were facing was that we were not able to track the proper attendance of the students it was all done on paper. But now, When school starts, within 10mins I get the report of how many students are present or absent in the class, since how many days they’re absent.
  • Many times when we give the time table to the students, they misplace the timetable and fail to bring a few books, but MyClassCampus has timetable module so no need for the hardcopy now.
  • Everything has become so easy now, opening one app gives so much required information.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • We wanted to have a mobile app for the parents and when I took the demo of the product, I found that MyClassCampus is one of the best products which can offer all the facilities to the parents because they can track all the performance of the child through this one platform. 
  • The lesson plan module you’re providing, lets us see what has been taught in the class after every period. One by one we come to know what has been taught to the students, how much lesson is completed and what is pending, what homework has been assigned to the students, which teacher is shifting their period to which class, all the things are monitored. 
  • The main plus point is MYCC provides an online fee payment option, so parents don’t have to come to school, they can directly pay fees from the mobile app. 
  • In terms of work efficiency, the main problem that has been solved now which I was facing 2 years back was that the teachers they use to skip the lessons or the topics from the lessons, so now even if the teachers want, they cannot skip anything as everything has already been mapped, so now even if they want to skip any topic/lesson they need to take my permission, that is the main point. This way students are benefitted.
  • There is a one time-table module, so what teachers do is exchange periods according to their convenience and their schedules without informing us. And now they cannot change the periods because everything has been mapped so before changing anything they need to take my permission.
  • Even the parents are getting homework details on their mobile so we do not have to hammer the students and put our efforts to make them do their homework, as parents know, they get it done from their child.