"If we wouldn’t have MyClassCampus in this crisis of corona virus pandemic throughout the globe, we would be in a big trouble. Thanks to MyClassCampus for everything online, it is really saving us from this scenario happening around by doing everything online easily and conveniently."

About Institute :

Shree Shivshakti School is based in Rajkot growing with 300 students in the institute, at present.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • We have 300 students in our institute and we have been using MyClassCampus since 2years, before that we were using some software that we bought from jamnagar.
  • The main problem we were facing was that we couldn’t see everything online, since everything in that software was offline.
  • Online admission was not possible before using MyClassCampus.
  • Before we implemented MyClassCampus in our institute, it wasn’t as smooth and easy as it is now.

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • In MyClassCampus, everything is online, so we are easily able to see and access almost everything from anywhere.
  • When I compared a few such school management software products from the market, I came to know that MyClassCampus is one the best and its services are also worth praising. Specially it is an all in one software, i get all the features in one software. 
  • The features we are using the utmost are the features related to the students like Homework, Send sms are the ones which are really helpful in this lockdown, we can totally send every student homework and tasks sitting at home.
  • Inquiry module is really helpful to us right now, a very easy and convenient option. We post the online admission forms in the social media platforms, in this way our advertisement is also done and parents can easily take their child’s admission form online without any hassle.
  • Everything has now become easy and smooth. Also, I must say all the operations are happening fast, efficiency has increased to another level and I am really happy about that.