“One of the best ERP application which help school and parents to communicate faster and keep updating students performance. My class campus plays a role model for school and parents.”

About Institute :

Sidhnath Public School is an English Medium Co-educational School. Offering Kindergarten to Grade VIII education.The school provides all possible opportunities of the best education and an development of all round personality to meet the challenges of a competitive future.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Sagar sir shared “We used to have one software which was used but only for internal use. We were not able to communicate to parents successfully. We faced many issues which bothered us.

  • Biggest problem was, students intentionally remained absent on class-test day. If they were absent they would skip the test. How many class tests were taken, was recorded manually in books. This created a lots of chaos. Principal and higher authorities did not had the marks handy.
  • Seldom, student would misplace the timetable and prepare for wrong test.
  • Communicating with parents was a big task. School was not able to provide student’s information directly to parents.”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

Sagar sir stated that “Direct communication with parents has become much easier task after using MYCC. For each problem we got it’s solution.

  • Parents, students and teachers can check the campus calendar online, via app. They can see all the events and notes. All the modules are so beautifully made that the exams created in “Exam Scheduler” module automatically shows up on calendar. In this way, students and parents can check exam timetable and have it available at their fingertips.
  • Taking attendance is no more a manual work in registers. Our teachers are allowed to take their cell phones to classroom for first 15 minutes and take attendance on app itself. Parents of an absentees are notified immediately by sending them SMS. Also, parents can check the whole attendance report of a student, they don’t have to take updates from school manually.
  • With the help of ‘Student leave management’ in app, our students and faculties can apply for leave beforehand.
  • From “Timetable” module students and parents can see the detailed class schedule of all days. This helps our students in not missing out any books while packing their bags.
  • We can send announcements to all users in one go.
  • Class test management has been the best help. Students cannot skip any class tests. Also, principles and higher authorities have the results of all tests handy, because of MYCC. Because of this, our faculties can sort out weak students and can help them better in studies. This makes our faculties more organized and responsible. This also helps parent in keeping track of all the marks of their child.
  • I love the feature where we are given the facility of generating the progress report of an individual student, which can be shared with parents in our PTMs.
  • Not just basic modules, we have also opted for Add-on modules like, Live GPS bus tracking and Online fee payment portal.