“Before choosing MyClassCampus, we compared almost 4-5 softwares with MyClassCampus but nothing can beat MyClassCampus, I can also give you reason why? Because your team gives updates in a timely manner to each and every new feature of the operation that can be possible in a school’s management. Other companies are not doing the exact, you doing it the best.”

About Institute :

Sorathiya School is based in RAJKOT, it runs 2 schools with MyClassCampus having around 500+ students.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • Communication between parents was not possible efficiently and fast.
  • Work efficiency was less.
  • Data was not getting accurately and in organized manner unlike now.


After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • The overall experience has been really fantastic is all i want to say.
  • Before this we were using another software called vishalya, it was an offline software, then i met Ronak from your team. He showed me about MyClassCampus, I liked it and then bought MyClassCampus.
  • Now, when we wanted to send parents notifications we could send nicely, conversation between parents and teachers are now happening conveniently.
  • The result also we can send through mobile apps, we are also using online fee payment nicely, although we do not have more parents using online fee payment but we are convincing more and more parents to use it.
  • Mostly routine work features are the most we are using like attendance,marks, scheduled exams creation, sending homework to them.
  • Whenever any activity happens in the school we post photos, videos regularly in the gallery. 
  • About the work efficiency, i must say that if you use management software for our institute, the data which we refer to, that is safe and securely recorded plus when we send any information to the parents in a hardcopy, most of them do not see it properly or they might forget to see sometimes, but when we send it in the mobile phone, they see everything properly because they have interest in that. 
  • Everything is easily available now. Any student's absence, presence we can see easily and not only us but also the parents.
  • I would like to give an example-  Suppose if the electricity goes out in our house and then we keep a generator as a saving option for us. Similarly, in our school’s management MyClassCampus is no less than a generator to us. It saves us literally.
  • Support services are the best, they get all my problems solved.