"I can say it has been a really good experience since our whole management has become much systematic. We can check whether the attendance has been taken from time to time. Faculties and students management has become easy. The basic headache of pending fees has now become very easy as now we can send notification/messages as well."

About Institute :

Veerayatan Vidyapeeth is an institute located at Bhuj, Gujarat.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

  • Initially, for fees we were using an application but it was not for all the modules. We are also using a fees module in MyClassCampus. 
  • Before MyClassCampus, normally we used to feed the students databases, and used to set the timings and dates for paying. Pending can be taken from that way. These features were there. But efficiency was not there at all. The software was not speedy enough as MyClassCampus is!

After implementing MyClassCampus :

  • One main thing is that the whole system has become online so i can monitor anything from anywhere.
  • The reporting has now become easier. 
  • The reporting part and fees module were the main things for us to see in the system. And both of the things are easily managed with MyClassCampus. Hence, we are very happy with MyClassCampus, as our both main things are getting managed.
  • The modules which we are using mostly are Attendance module, Fees module, Homework, the one with Notes and Activities.
  • The best module according to me is the fees module as they have upgraded much according to our requirement.
  • The way the Fees module has been used by us in multiple environments I guess hardly anybody would use this much. This one module has been used in 7 different institutes by us.